How To: Carve a turkey (the right and the wrong way)

Carve a turkey (the right and the wrong way)

Mark Dommen, chef-partner of San Franciscos One Market Restaurant, advises viewers against the wrong approach: Do not use a dull knife, do not carve at the dining table (as much as you might want to), and do not hack at your bird willy-nilly. This video demonstrates all the wrong ways to carve a turkey. Pay attention for advice on the correct way to carve a turkey!

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That is WAY too thick. I agree about everything else but please "carve" the turkey and make slices for your guests. Who wants turkey chops?

Actually, I think that the video was pretty darn cool. I have butchered a few birds over the last 40 plus years of being handed the knife, and I really liked the presentation. The slices were there, and they will be more juicy from the way he has everything staying together, and not just laying on top of each other.

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