How To: Make Pulled BBQ Chicken Breast In The Slow Cooker

Make Pulled BBQ Chicken Breast In The Slow Cooker

This is a fast and delicious pulled chicken recipe that I like to make for my week.

Step 1: Clean the Chicken Breast

Trim the fat wash

Step 2: Put the Chicken Breast in the Slow Cooker

Use a fork make sure to clean your area

Step 3: Pour the BBQ Sauce to Cover the Chicken Breast

I choose that sweet baby ray's

Step 4: Set the Slow Cooker to Low or High and Leave On

4 hours for high
6 hours for low

Step 5: Take the Chicken Breast Our and Pull

Take two forks and pull the breast apart

Step 6: Put the Pulled Chicken Breast Back in the Slow Cooker

Turn off or leave on low for 1-4 hours

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