How To: Cook Iraqi Mandaean spiced duck

Cook Iraqi Mandaean spiced duck

Here's how to make this Middle Eastern delicacy.
You Will Need:
*A handful of sultanas
*1 large onion
*2 tsp Mandaean spice mix (cinnamon, clove, black pepper, ginger, sweet paprika, cardamom and nutmeg)
*1 tsp turmeric
*2 tsp salt
*1 whole duck
*2 tsp salt
*2 tsp citric acid
*5 tsp Mandaean spice mix
*3 tsp turmeric
*3 dried limes
*1 bunch of radish with leaves

Step 1:
Wash duck twice in cold water and then again with boiling water so all fat and smell is washed away. Drain. Remove the neck and the wings of the duck and keep for later use. Coat the cavity with a mixture of salt and citric acid. This helps tenderize the duck.

Step 2:
Dice the onion and mix with sultanas and rinse in cold water.Drain and add 2 tsp Mandaean spice mix, 1 tsp turmeric, and salt. Mix.

Step 3:
Place duck in a bowl and fill the cavity with the prepared stuffing.
Sew up cavity to secure. Take the duck wings and tuck them into the neck cavity to block any stuffing escaping from that end.

Step 4:
Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil and place duck and the neck into pot with 2 tsp of the Mandaean spice,1 tsp turmeric and 3 dried limes. The duck will need to simmer for a total of 2 hours. After the first 30 minutes, turn the duck over and check water level.

Step 5:
After another 30 minutes, remove duck from the pot and pierce several times with a knife to allow the spiced flavours to penetrate the flesh and cook the duck from the inside.

Step 6:
Skim the fat from the surface of the broth and keep to one side in a fry pan. Remove dried limes which should have softened, mash them and return to the broth.

Step 7:
Put the duck back in the pot the other way, cook for a further 40 mins.

Step 8:
Heat the skimmed duck fat in a fry pan. Add 1 tsp each of turmeric & spice mix to the fat. Remove duck from the pot, place in the fat and fry each side until golden brown. Remove duck wings and serve.

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