How To: Behead a chicken, pluck its feathers & remove the guts

Behead a chicken, pluck its feathers & remove the guts

Cooking chicken tonight for dinner? It may be a dinnertime staple in your home, but you're probably used to store-bought chickens that you store in the freezer. Well, sometimes the best tasting poultry comes from the chickens with their heads still attached… well, at least before you behead it. We're talking fresh meat here, not Kentucky Fried Chicken.

VIVE COOL CITY shows you the true steps behind preparing a live chicken into a family meal that everyone will enjoy (granted you don't tell them how it go on their plates). Watch to see how to behead a chicken, watch it run around like crazy, drop it in boiling water (then ice water), pluck its feathers off, and gut out all the innards. Some may never muster up the courage to conquer the best chicken ever, but if you have the "guts" then you have the glory (just don't eat those guts… unless you like that sort of thing).

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