How To: Cook a deboned turkey in a small oven

Cook a deboned turkey in a small oven

In this tutorial, we learn how to cook a deboned turkey in a small oven. First, take out the sack of guts and the turkey neck from the turkey and place in a large pot full of water. When finished, cut the turkey open with a sharp knife, then remove the breast plate and ribs. Then, remove all the bones and parts you can find on the inside of the turkey by cutting gently and pulling the good meat gently away. Once you have cut all of the bones out of the chicken, you can start to cook the turkey. To do this, spread seasoning of your choice liberally on the inside of the meat. Then, put in the oven and cook the stuffing. Now, place the stuffing with the turkey and cook it in the oven until golden brown on the skin in a 400 degree type of heat. When all cooked, let sit for 10 minutes and then enjoy with your favorite sides and gravy.

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