How To: Bake chicken and pears with Christopher Walken

Bake chicken and pears with Christopher Walken

This video shows you how to prepare Chicken and Pears. For this recipe, you will need: one whole chicken, a stand to roast chicken on, a toothpick, salt, pepper, and pears. Clean the chicken well, rinsing it in cold water. Remove the packets inside of the chicken and reserve them for future uses. Remove some excess fat from the chicken. Use it as a buffer between the chicken and the stand. Seal the chicken neck hole shut, by pinning it down with a toothpick. Salt the chicken well. Sprinkle with pepper. Place the chicken in an aluminum pie plate. Place the chicken neck in the pie plate. Cut off the bottoms of the pears to make it easier for them to stand upright. Roast in the oven for 1 hour.

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