How To: Cook a chicken with pears by Christopher Walken

Cook a chicken with pears by Christopher Walken

Here Christopher Walken shows us how to roast a chicken with pears. It is a simple recipe, recorded supposedly as an audition tape for Food Network. We cannot confirm.

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I gotta have more cowbell!

mmm NO more cow bell! I will poke your eye out with a soldering iron!

Pshhh... ok, Ferrell...

Hmm. Strangely un-menacing for Walken. :)

I can honestly say that I never expected Christopher Walken to teach me how to cook a chicken with pears.

With all the money Walken has made, one would expect a nicer (and cleaner) kitchen. And he's a cat lover? I just lost all respect for the guy. The chicken didn't even look that good... sounded like a bland receipe to me.

@SemperFiPhil - what's wrong with his kitchen? It's not "ostentatious blowhard" enough for you?

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