How To: Prepare a crispy chicken stir-fry

Prepare a crispy chicken stir-fry

There are a lot of advantages of cooking in a wok as they are healthy and less fussy. A wok can be used to stir fry, stew or for any type of cooking. Kikkoman shows in the video how cooking in a wok is done. He demonstrates how to cook stir fry chicken in a wok. First you have to rinse the chicken and slice them into thin strips; two tablespoon of corn flour is mixed with three tablespoon of teriyaki marinade and grated ginger add crushed garlic and sliced onions and mix well, finally add the chicken pieces and mix well and set aside for 15 minutes. To prepare the sauce mix one tablespoon of cornflower with three tablespoon of teriyaki marinade and water. The marinated chicken is cooked on high flame and put aside now stir fry vegetables like mushroom and bell pepper and mixes the chicken and the corn sauce mixture and brings to a boil. The dish is ready to serve with hot rice.

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