How To: Cook a five-spice chicken stir-fry

Cook a five-spice chicken stir-fry

Ching-He Huang shows us how to make a Five Spice Chicken Stir-Fry.

Start with chicken breast, oyster sauce, corn flour, carrot, ground white pepper and salt.

Combine chicken and corn flour in a large bowl and stir together to coat chicken. Add oyster sauce and stir. Add ground white pepper and salt. Slice a carrot and set aside.

Heat up your wok until it's slightly smoking and add 1-2 TBSP. brown nut oil.

You will also be using garlic, ginger, chili spice, five spice, corn flour, soy sauce and dry sherry.

Add your garlic and ginger to the hot oil, then quickly add the meat mixture. Brown slightly and add the dry chili spice. Add chicken stock, shredded pak choi (or white cabbage) and carrots. Add dry sherry, five spice and dark soy sauce.

Prepare a rounded bowl with compressed white rice. Set aside.

Thicken your sauce in the wok with a corn flour and water mixture.

Chop some spring onions for garnish.

Place your serving plate upside down on your rounded rice bowl, turn over and you should have a rounded mound of white rice. Next to your mound of rice, serve your chicken stir fry mixture and garnish with your spring onions. Serve nice and hot.

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