How To: Make Jamaican-style jerk chicken at home

Make Jamaican-style jerk chicken at home

This video illustrate us how to make Jamaican style jerk chicken at home. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take the chicken and clean it properly.

Step 2: Now in a blender add oil,lime juice,half teaspoon black pepper, half tea spoon scotch borne pepper, salt according to taste, one fourth tea spoon all spice, thyme sprig, green onion and oil.

Step 3: Blend it well. Take a sauce pan and add olive oil in it.

Step 4: Now saute some onion and crushed garlic pods in it. Now add the chicken in it and fry it well.

Step 5: Now add the blended mixture in it and let the chicken cook in this sauce.

Step 6: At the time of serving garnish the dish with coriander.

Thats it.

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