How To: Grill crispy apple corn flake chicken

Grill crispy apple corn flake chicken

In this video, you will learn to cook an apple corn flake chicken on the grill with the BBQ Pit Boys. First, you will be walked through and showed all of the ingredients you will need; they are all relatively common or easy to get ingredients. Next, you will learn how to make the marinade for the chicken, and how long it should be marinated. The video will be narrated, showing you exactly, step by step, how to prepare, season, and grill this chicken dish. You will be given tips and advice, such as how you can make this recipe completely unique. You can add whatever spices you like, or make the marinade in a similar manner using just about anything besides apple cider (some suggestions given in the video include soy sauce, beer, or even soda). At the end of the video, you can see exactly how the chicken turns out, and are even given ideas for side dishes. Learn how to cook this apple cider corn flake chicken recipe on your own, with help from the BBQ Pit Boys!

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