How To: Make Pakistani style chicken biryani

Make Pakistani style chicken biryani

This is a recipe for chicken biryani. To start you will need half a kilo of chicken, one medium onion finely chopped, a cooked medium tomatoe chopped, one cup of yogourt, a heaped tablespoon of ginger garlic paste, half a teaspoon of termite paste, half a teaspoon of chili powder, salt to taste, heaped tablespoon of coriander powder, saffron, biscanti rice soaked for half an hour, few pieces of garamasal (assorted), a few threads of saffron, half a cup of milk, a few mint leaves.
In warm milk add yellow coloring and mix. Then add a few threads of saffron and half a cup of gabron. Boil the rice with one tablespoon of oil and garamasala for half a minute and then add water. Add salt to taste and cook rice. Stop cooking rice about half way through and drain. Add some oil to a wok and add onion until slightly carmalized. Then add coriander, curry, salt, ginger and garlic paste. Finally add the chicken into the wok. Then mix the tomatoe with the yogurt. Into the chicken slowly add the tomatoe and yogurt mix. Cover for fifteen to twenty minutes to allow chicken to cook. Once chicken is cooked add more garamasala powder.
For the byrani add half of the rice, then add some of the milk with coloring. Layer with chopped tomatoes, carmalized onions, and green chili. Add cooked chicken. Layer with remainder of the rice and add more of the colored mix. Add remaining tomatoe and onions. In the serving bowl cover with seran wrap, poke holes into the top, then microwave for about 3 minutes. Turn container and microwave for another three minutes. Leave covered for ten to fifteen minutes and serve!

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