How To: Debone a turkey

Debone a turkey

Mark Trick, a retail meat-cutting instructor, shows how to properly debone a turkey. Carefully peel the skin off the turkey. Make sure you do not tear the skin off. Flip the turkey upside down and cut the wings off by cutting towards the bone. To remove the body cavity, cut along the breast bone with the tip of the knife. Cut around the bone and neck of the turkey to leave as little meat on the bone as possible. Remove the bone. To debone the legs, cut along the bones of the leg using the tip of the knife. Press the legs gently to find all the bones. Refold the legs and breast to reassemble the boneless turkey. Pull the skin back over the turkey. Tie the turkey using cotton twine. Tie the wings back onto the turkey. Use Mark's steps to properly debone a turkey so that it is easier and quicker to cook.

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