How To: Grill beer can turkey with barbacue rub

Grill beer can turkey with barbacue rub

Shoving a beer can up your Thanksgiving turkey's butt doesn't seem like the most dignified thing to do to your poor little bird, but for all intensive purposes beer can turkey is one of the best ways to prepare a turkey.

Beer that's inside the can helps steam the turkey from the inside out, creating moist, tender meat.

In this feature episode, Fred A. Bernardo cooks up one fantastic BEER CAN TURKEY using a TURKCAN roasting stand, a can of his favorite brewski, and the Tasty Licks BBQ Company "DixieLand Dust" Creole Rub & Seasoning. You'll see how to prepare it and roast it on a ceramic grill to PERFECTION. Crispy skin, juicy meat, fantastic flavor and presentation. See how easy it is to make a great bird for your next holiday feast!

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