How To: molest (and deep fry ) a turkey - by Coolio

molest (and deep fry ) a turkey - by Coolio

Coolio slammed onto the music scene with Fantastic Voyage and Gangster's Paradise in the mid 1990's. His persona has ever been an iconoclastic combination of Compton hood and class clown.

But don't let the clowning fool you. Coolio is exceedingly skilled in the kitchen. (Maybe it is because he has raised six little Coolio's.) He has dabbled a good deal in Hollywood. My personal opinion is that his range of talent has not been fully recognized.

This tutorial is that ambitious combination of entertainment and instruction. Thank you Artis Leon Ivey, Jr.

Deep fry a game day turkey with Coolio

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It looks so delicious.... but after molesting it myself, i doubt i could touch it.

dangerous minds brought my musical taste to an entire new level
thanks coolio

balsamic vinegar on nipples? sounds like a health hazard.

btw. who has 8 nipples?

That's no turkey. This ia a sheikh of the all turkey;.

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