How To: Properly deep fry a turkey

Properly deep fry a turkey

This video is about properly deep frying a turkey.

1. At least one hour before frying, heat up the oil.

2. Oil temperature is 350 degrees. Use clean, new oil.

3. Propane tank is at a distance from the fryer.

4. Season turkey.

5. Lower turkey into oil slowly (Take 60-90 seconds).

6. Wear gloves, long sleeves and/or socks.

7. Turkey takes a little over an hour to cook.

8. You need 2 thermometers-one to monitor the oil temperature and one to check the temperature of the turkey.

9. Keep the passages from the neck to the rear clear to drain oil.

10. Place top on fryer. Monitor. The temperature should remain at 350 degrees.

Viewer learns how to safely deep fry turkey.

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