How To: Truss and roast a chicken in the oven w/Matt Wright

Truss and roast a chicken in the oven w/Matt Wright

This video by Matt Wright will teach you the easy way on how to truss and roast a chicken. Matt likes his roast chicken with a lot of pepper and salt on the outside. He seasons the insides of the chicken with a generous helping of fresh chopped rosemary, coarsely ground sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then the joints of the chicken are rubbed with the seasoning. The chicken is trussed up by bending the wings backwards on the body and tying a string across the breast and over the wings. The string is crossed over to the legs which are tied tightly by securing the drumsticks of the chicken together. Once the chicken is trussed, season it on the outside, place it in a pan and roast it in an oven.

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