How To: Truss a chicken in a very easy way

Truss a chicken in a very easy way

Trussing a chicken can be a tedious task but YouTube user EasyAsPieRecipes is here to show you how to Truss a chicken the easy way. First put the chicken on it's back. Notice that the wings are sticking out, your going to want to tuck them into its sides as demonstrated. Next, you want to have a piece of twine to tie it around the chicken, and the way your going to want to tie it under the legs(or drumsticks) and make an "X" and then pull it back down and pull it under the legs so it'll actually go in-between the legs then tighten them to pull them together. After that your going to want to pull the string underneath the body to the back and tie it around the neck line. After that you simply turn it on it's back and it's ready to go into the oven in a very traditional and very "thanksgiving" kind of way.

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