News: Cook a chicken with pears by Christopher Walken

Cook a chicken with pears by Christopher Walken

Imagine being a chicken looking down from above, in the after life. Wait. I am being manhandled by Christopher Walken. Yes, that iconoclastic guy from film.

This man has a long and fabled off-center career. Occasionally mainstream. He began in episodic tv in the early 1950's. Somewhere in 1990, he fondled the left breast of a good friend of mine for The King of New York: eeeewwww. He so often plays psychologically off kilter individuals that, in concert with his exceedingly mannered speech patterns, it is hard of us NOT to believe he is weird to the core. With that said, enjoy this video. How to Cook a chicken with pears by Christopher Walken. He clearly appreciates cooking. There is a real authenticity to his instructional.

Cook a chicken with pears by Christopher Walken

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I gotta have more cowbell!

mmm NO more cow bell! I will poke your eye out with a soldering iron!

Pshhh... ok, Ferrell...

Hmm. Strangely un-menacing for Walken. :)

I can honestly say that I never expected Christopher Walken to teach me how to cook a chicken with pears.

With all the money Walken has made, one would expect a nicer (and cleaner) kitchen. And he's a cat lover? I just lost all respect for the guy. The chicken didn't even look that good... sounded like a bland receipe to me.

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