How To: Grill chicken with gas or charcoal

Grill chicken with gas or charcoal

Chicken is one of America's most popular foods, and tops beef and pork in consumption. Whether you're grill over gas or charcoal, perfectly grilled chicken is a delicious must-have at any picnic or family cookout.

Chicken can be marinated to add both a depth of flavor as well as to help keep the meat moist and juicy. If you're using a gas grill, preheat the grill on high for ten minutes. If you're cooking over charcoal, build a two-zone fire with both direct and indirect heat, so you can move the parts as needed.

Check out this video tutorial from Holiday Kitchen TV and Summer Kitchen TV to learn the rest about how to grill chicken with gas or charcoal. Chek out the grilled chicken recipe!

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