News: Eeeverybody Love Fried Chicken, So Listen Up!

Eeeverybody Love Fried Chicken, So Listen Up!

Anybody who says they don't love golden, crispy fried chicken is lying. Fried chicken is DEE-licious.

Enter Dante Gonzales, a stylin' chef with soul who decided to bring fried chicken to every worthy happening around the world. LA born and raised, the NYC-based chef cooks on the road for parties, artists and musicians whom inspire him.

Check out a selection of Dante's episodes below featuring amazing artists such as Santogold, Major Lazer, Yo Majesty, Rusko, Maluca, and Theophilus London.

(2) Rusko, Maluca, and Major Lazer, (3) Theophilus London, (4) Yo Majesty

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